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Are you beginning to realize that getting a group of passionate, social change agents moving together in the same direction can be surprisingly challenging? 

I Help Eco-Activists Communicate better, connect more deeply, and make decisions more quickly so they can Amplify Their Social Impact

It takes a combination of inner & Outer Work

Are you starting to dread your group meetings because it feels like you're going in circles and it's soooo hard to get any where?

And if you do manage to make a decision, does it still sometimes feel like it's not a very good one, and doesn't represent (what you hope would be) the best possible outcome? 

Not to mention follow through.  

Conflict, disagreement, misunderstanding and a general lack of cohesion will keep your group from being as effective at catalyzing the change you want (and we need!) it to create.   

The interpersonal dynamics can often be intensely frustrating  and I know how heartbreaking it can be to feel like you're failing at your mission.  

It can make you want to give up hope all together.  

But it CAN get better. 

You just can't keep doing it the way you have been.  

Something needs to change.  You need support.  You need to remember who you are and why you're each in this.  You need to remember why you came together and find a better way forward.  

You need to  get to the heart of the matter...

 “If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” 

-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What I Bring to the table


My Background

My approach includes a deep appreciation for the scientific, the psychological, as well as the mystical. I've got a BA and an MA in Psychology, was a Licensed Psychotherapist (until I realized the role was too limiting for the impact I wanted to have), am a Certified Nonviolent Communication trainer, and have been deep into spiritual and mystical practices since the age of 13.

I bring all of this background experience and expertise together, with a powerful intuition and my "people sense" to support social change groups and organizations.  

The greater the willingness of each individual to take personal responsibility to be the leader of their own life, the easier the collaborative work can flow.


In my signature "Transformation Pivot Point" Intensive, I'll spend 2 to 5 days  working with your group to catalyze your shift to a higher level of consciousness, communication, cohesion and effectiveness.   

Investment starts at $1500 depending on group size and duration of program. 

"I have received so much knowledge of myself, my feelings and how to be  vulnerable and strong in this world. . . my heart space is richer and  deeper as a result"


"I benefited greatly from your knowledge, skills, insights and authenticity." 


"Loren gently and compassionately opens your heart to a more empowering, loving world to play in." 

-- Tamara


1. Observation & Assessment

This is when I get an intimate understanding of who you are, how your group functions and what your challenges are.  

2. Training & Education 

This is when I put together a custom training to give you the particular skills, information and know-how that I see will be beneficial to your group. 

3. Implementation & Integration

This is when we focus on applying what you've learned to the current dynamics happening in your organization to help you move in the direction you want to go.  

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Loren Swift

Nevada City, California, United States

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