Live by Design: What You Believe, You Can Manifest

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From Robert Gonzales

"i am eager to share this rich resource"

"I am so happy to see Loren Swift's new book, The Earthkeeper’s Handbook, Assuming Leadership in a New World. It is beautifully written---clear, articulate, and inspiring. I am eager to share this rich resource to participants in my programs and retreats. I am confident it will enhance and deepen the transformational unfolding that is the deepest impulse inherent in being human. The Earthkeeper’s Handbook navigates a beautiful integration and balance between inner awakening and connectedness on all levels and spheres of relationships, community and the entire Earth."

--- Robert Gonzales


About the Book

A true handbook for your journey

First, you’re going to want to devour The Earth Keeper’s Handbook for yourself...

Then, you’ll find yourself rifling through the pages again to read a quote to a friend...

Later, when you find yourself in challenging circumstances, you’ll be skimming through the table of contents to find the experiential practice for what’s going on in your life at that moment.     

Every time you open this book, you’ll be taking another step toward becoming the most grounded, powerful, fulfilled, connected and loving version of yourself.

This book will support you in healing the beliefs you’ve developed about not being lovable, worthy, smart or ready enough to do the work on this planet that is yours alone to do.  

No matter where you are in your journey toward finding your divine place on earth, you’ll find something in these pages that speaks to you in a way you’d never quite understood before. 

This book is the culmination of Loren’s life journey toward greater self-acceptance and finding her own unique contribution to the world.  On these pages you’ll find everything she has seen, learned and felt along the way, which could be helpful to you as you find your own path.

This book is for you if:

  • You feel frustrated by the current state of the world, but aren’t sure what to do about it
  • You suspect you have a larger mission on this planet than you are currently living
  • You’re feeling isolated in your everyday routine, wishing for a greater sense of belonging and community
  • You’re curious about how your own inner healing work can contribute to the healing of the planet


From Kaypacha

"A book I wish everyone would read"

“There is a point of chaos between the end of an age and the beginning of the next. 

We are experiencing this now. It is a point where the old rules and authorities no longer make sense, creating a void of meaning, purpose, and leadership. Enter, The Earth Keeper’s Handbook! 

Coming exactly in time, Ms. Swift provides us with not only an overview of both the advances and challenges of our times, but insights, examples, and personal practices beautifully designed to help us meet them. 

This is a book for future leaders and wisdom keepers, those called to deeply connect to their innermost core calling and bring their unique gifts and blessings out to a world in need. It is a book that I wish everyone would read!
So Much Love"



"A work of Love"

“This is clearly a work of love, written from the heart and deeply connected to the Heart of the Earth. Everyone who feels passionate about protecting this Planet we call home needs to hear this message.”  

--Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros,

Maya Wisdom Keeper and Teacher of Maya Sacred Knowledge